To enhance the health and happiness of the world by educating its citizens about wholesome lifestyle choices and providing delicious and nutritious organic beverages.


“B – good”. This simple philosophy forms our entire business and speaks to our core values – health, vitality, honesty, transparency, and choice.

We chose “B – good” to do good. At B-Tea we aim to foster a well-informed and healthy community.

And this begins with our customer. We want to extend an invitation to a healthier lifestyle by educating our growing community about making good, healthy choices.

Since we started B-Tea, we have used our brand to raise awareness about health issues, support sustainable organic farming practices, and ensure our customers receive the best quality drink available!

Transparency: The only thing about us that isn’t transparent is our bottle, which is tinted for UV protection. This ensures our nourishing, thirst-quenching B-Tea arrives in pristine quality. Our bottles are fashioned for durability, are 100% reusable and 100% recyclable.


We at B-tea have a wealth of experience. Our brewery has proudly crafted and distributed Kombucha for over 20 years! Our team of experts in the field of nutrition is devoted to providing the world’s highest quality drink. This is why B-Tea has stuck to the centuries-old method of brewing Kombucha: it simply allows us to craft the best Kombucha on earth!

Try a bottle of chilled B-Tea Kombucha for yourself and share your experience. Like we’re sharing ours.

Questions for the experts…

All of our products are professionally prepared with the highest hygienic standards. Our priority is with our consumers to make sure they get the maximum benefit. Our kombucha is 100% raw and organic , full of nutritional value. B-Tea offers the best quality kombucha on the market.

The uniqueness of our raw and organic Kombucha lies in its probiotic content, which helps restore the beneficial types of bacteria in the body. It contains vitamins and probiotics that promote and preserve beneficial bacteria in the gut for maximum health benefits.

B-Tea Kombucha contains only 2 grams of sugar with low calories and no added chemicals. It serves as the ideal health drink and has been known to assist in weight loss by improving metabolism and detox functions.

We provide a wide range of exciting flavors to fit your lifestyle.

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LT-14184 Vilnius, Lithuania

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