The spring had come! We are enjoying the first sunny days, flowers and trees are blooming and the air is fulfilled with love and joy! And, along with the spring, there is another event waiting just around the corner – Easter!

Easter is one of the most widely celebrated holidays. It is the biggest and the happiest day for many people all around the world.

Both adults and children are looking forward to this day. Families gather to spend weekends together and celebrate, kids are playing egg hunt, people dye eggs and bake delicious treats, and everyone is enjoying this holiday!

Every year, the Easter takes place on the different day of the month and the time of its celebration “moves” by its date, but it always falls on Sunday afternoon.

Happy Easter From B-Tea!

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Recipe Of Delicious Pancakes For Easter Breakfast With Kombucha

You will need:

  • 1 cup of Kombucha
  • 2 cups of lukewarm water
  • 2½ cups of whole wheat pastry flour &/or white flour
  • 2 tbsp of sugar (or another sweetener)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp of vegetable oil
  • ½ tsp of salt
  • 1 tsp of baking soda

How to cook:

  1. In a large bowl, mix the Kombucha, water, flour & sugar.
  2. Stir until smooth.
  3. Beat the egg and add to the batter with the butter and salt.
  4. Stir until smooth.
  5. Mix the baking soda with 1 tbsp of warm water, fold it gently into the mixture.
  6. Heat a cast-iron pan and grease.
  7. Ladle batter into pan and fry for a few minutes.
  8. Flip pancake and fry another few minutes.
  9. Serve warm!

Such pancakes will make a great surprise for your beloved ones. Tender, delicious and sweet – they will be a perfect dish for an Easter morning! Happy holidays!

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